First Day of 3rd & 5th

After "Meet the Teacher" last Thursday night...

...the kids began this Monday:
Annelise was THRILLED to get to wear her new Lilly dress from the sale - it arrived Saturday = perfect timing! Will was...less than thrilled about the whole morning. :-P Chief amongst his woes were 1) summer's over and 2) mean mama made him wear a polo instead of an almost-too-small graphic tee. (Sorry, babe - you'll never win that first impression battle against me. ;-))

I won't lie: I was sadder for the 1st Day of School than I've EVER been in their lives. When they were little (& exhausting!) I sent them into class with happy hugs...but now? They are (mostly) easy, fun people I enjoy hanging out & having adventures with. I felt nuts being sad for the 1st time "so late", but my BFF Mimi (& licensed therapist!) confirmed it's NORMAL to get sadder as they age, b/c they're getting closer & closer to being out of your nest. Validation! ;-) I was cheerful - nay, giddy!!! - for preschool, Kinder, & early grades to begin! NOT b/c I wanted to get rid of them, but b/c I was soooo excited at what they'd learn & esp. the friends they'd make! ...But as they get older, it's more about independence (SUCH A *GOOD* THING...even when it naturally pulls them away from me; it's like the dentist - not fun, but healthy & good :-D) It was Will's last 1st day of elementary school... No more walking in with him ever - *not* that he didn't try to run away from me, b/c he totally DID:
(There goes that polo & black backpack! :-P)

But my Pumpkin Pie let me walk in with her & take a couple pics at her desk! ♥

They both came home happy...and esp. Will! ♥ ♥ ♥ They love their teachers, and for the very first time *EVER*, they begin the year having friends they already know in their classes!!! (Last year, neither had anyone they knew from the year before; 2 years ago, we were new here; 3 years ago, we were in south Georgia; 4 years ago, Michigan; 5 years ago, Chicago; 6 years ago, Michigan... This is SUCH a blessed relief!!!) Will loves that his homeroom teacher is his science teacher, so he'll get to do all of the experiments first. :-) [Our school has "switch classes" in 3rd-5th. In 3rd & 4th, they have 2 teachers - one for reading/language/social studies & another for math/science. In 5th, they have 3 or 4. I love how it allows the teachers to focus on their quality specialties and preps the kids for changing classes in Junior High.]


  1. Love that dress Annelise has on - and so glad to hear that they had a good 1st day!! (And I DEFINITELY know what you mean about these things being sadder as the kids get older!!)


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