Gelish: Marbled Accent Nail

I finally took the time to try a marbled accent nail with my Gelish, and I love how it turned out! I used to do my own marbleized manis almost 20 years ago at the end of high school, dropping a few dots of normal polish colors on each nail & swirling with a toothpick; but Gelish is thinner, and I wasn't sure how it would work. I envisioned lots of color dripping down the sides of my fingers & the colors flowing together too much. Plus, b/c each layer is so transparent, would it even show up? (It takes ~3 layers to get a solid, vibrant, opaque color. Each layer alone is very sheer.)

I did a normal mani on my other 8 fingers with You Glare, I Glow - not only the color I'm complimented on most often, but by far the best quality color formula Gelish has ever released. The "recipe" for this one is the most durable I've ever used. On my accent nails, I used one layer of Sleek White (the same pure white I use to do French tips) to make a more solid base. I winged it & dropped a few dots of You Glare, I Glow, Radiance Is My Middle Name (teal), & Mali-Blu Me Away (royal blue) on top of the white and delicately swirled with a marbling tool. (It was cheap - Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Tool Kit; you could still use a toothpick, though.) I definitely mixed the blue & purple too much at first on one edge, but live & learn. :-P B/c the polish was so thick, I doubled the curing time, and they turned out great!


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