Lilly Pulitzer Passion

Oh, the frenzy! Oh, the thrill! After last year's Lilly Pulitzer summer sale debacle, I was prepared: I set my alarm to be ready the second the sale began this morning, and - no joke - I honestly did pray over it: I prayed that God would let me get the deals that I should have and fill me with peace, not allowing me to mourn anything I miss out on. This thing happens ONCE A YEAR. (Ok, so really twice, but THIS is *THE* best; the January sale isn't much to get excited over.) I had several prints (Resort White Sea Soiree + Iris Blue Mai Tai - both with a hint of purple = rare!) that I've been completely in love with that I *knew* would be in this sale, and most happily, I actually "need" new Lilly!!! Everything amazing that I got two years ago is waaaay too big on me now! :-O I still wear the shorts...with safety pins cinching in the sides! :-P (I can't help it - I love them! :-D) I am tickled pink that most of my Lilly is too big for me now...but I so miss wearing my signature style, so I have been stalking the Lilly site for the announcement of this date...

As soon as 7 AM CDT hit, I felt like someone on the clock in a shopping spree contest! :-P I kept hitting refresh like a crazy lady, so worried the site would crash and error out over & over like last year... After 3 scary minutes of it not working, the sale appeared!!! *ahhhhh!* Major kudos to Lilly for fixing all of last year's bugs & glitches! Will actually sat with me on the couch, fascinated at the process. He equated it with trying to get the football players you reallyreallyreally want in each round of the fantasy football draft = exactly!!! :-D (The Lilly site actually advocates recruiting your "husband/boyfriend/neighbor/bestie/child/mother" to also shop for you during the first minutes of the sale, b/c the best stuff goes so fast! I didn't employ help...but I did consult Will a couple times. ;-))

I hit the dresses first! Of course, their fanciest are amazing (like $89 down from $378!) but I honestly don't need any fancy dresses. I don't need fancy anything. I need everyday stuff. Last year, I was crushed that I didn't get Lilly prints. The prints are what make Lilly worthwhile to me. I can buy solids at Old Navy & Target, so I would ONLY consider prints this year. Super score:

Eliza V-Neck T-Shirt Dress in Spa Blue Lets Cha Cha (ultimate in versatility!)

Marlisa Strapless Maxi Dress in Bright Navy Behind The Gate (this print is truly inspired by the ornate iron gates in Charleston! ♥)

Anastasia Dress in Aqua Trippin And Sippin

And b/c Annelise loves Lilly & still being my mini-me (enjoying it as long as I can!!!) the Little Lilly Classic Shift also in Aqua Trippin And Sippin

Next up: shirts!

Michele V-Neck Top in Resort White Sea Soiree

Michele V-Neck Top in Searulean Blue Rhode Island Reef Small

Arielle Top in Iris Blue Mai Tai (sooooo excited for a long-sleeve option!!! & the only thing I scored in this fab print)


Chipper Bermuda Short in Resort White Sea Soiree (excited for this longer length!)

Middleton Palazzo Wide Leg Pant in Resort White Sea Soiree (the *only* item I have a bit of regret over - I just missed getting these in Iris Blue Mai Tai; I'm still thrilled for them - they are super lightweight, easy to wear in summer heat - & this is my other fave print...but I had already gotten those shorts, too. I think they'll be enough different, though)

Last grab:

Skipper Printed Popover in Spa Blue Lets Cha Cha (Lilly for when it's chilly! ♥ :-D)

I am *STILL* so giddy over this stuff!!! I keep scrolling back through to look at it all over & over. :-) This was truly my Christmas morning! And speaking of, BIGGEST THANKS to JB's parents, who gifted me with the best Christmas present EVER - a Lilly gift card that I've been hanging onto. (I was ready to use it in the January sale, but nothing made my heart dance like today; I *knew* it would be best to save it for this!) It made the final bill total even sweeter!!! ♥


  1. I really like that Resort White Sea Soiree print! Congrats on your great deals!!

  2. It's been my favorite Lilly print, too - maybe of ALL TIME!!! :-)


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