Christmas Day 2017

We had a sweet, quiet Christmas Day. The lowest-key of my life. Wishes fulfilled, and I didn’t touch my phone for over 12 full waking hours!!! I didn’t even take morning gift-opening pics for the first time ever. I feel like this was the kids’ first true older Christmas: no more American Girl, nothing for Will from the toy aisle. (No junk! :-P)

Will had fewer physical boxes to open, b/c he wanted (& truly waited for) big stuff, like a phone upgrade, Bose headphones, & a new bike. (His phone was years old & had been glitching since Aug; he rides his bike to school, & that had been broken for 2 months.) Annelise had all of her passions represented: I silhouetted her both Hamilton & Hufflepuff shirts, she got a letterman jacket for her cheer gym, and she also got a biggie she’d waited for: a new professional Kitchenaid stand mixer. (She’s the family baker, & this fall she finally burned out the one we got for our wedding 15 yrs ago. :-D)

She baked us a loaf of fresh bread right away, kneading with her dough hook, while Will biked around with his neighborhood buddy; we also watched five different Christmas movies, along with football. Lots of other simple gift blessings, all day in comfy clothes, eating whatever whenever, disconnected, and not beholden to anyone’s expectations. My personal favorite Christmas find: Goldfish Chocolate Candy Cane + Pretzel Mix = salty sweet bliss!!!


  1. Sounds like such a lovely Christmas Day!!! This was also the first year I didn't take any gift-opening pics :) Christmas is different with older kids, but still memorable and lots of fun!

  2. Your day sounds perfect! I am so glad to be visiting with you for the first time in what feels like forever! Happy New Year, dear friend!


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