It's December. Already. Even blogging every day in November, it flew by! (Betcha thought I'd take today off, huh? :-P)

We began our Advent calendar today. I've always had candy ones, but this year I wanted something different, so I bought a new fabric one with pockets and found a set of stickers to cut up and put in each day at Hobby Lobby that make a nativity scene. There are only 18 stickers, but we're actually leaving for Christmas in Michigan with the in-laws on the 18th, so it's perfect. Jesus arrives on the 11th, so there's still time for an angel to show a star to the shepherds and the wise men can come on their camels to complete the scene. ;-)

In thinking about Advent, my mind went back to the kids cleaning out their toys to donate night before last. As we put the give-away toys in a big bag, my heart melted each time Will said, "Some other kid who doesn't have a car will LOVE this!" YES! That is the whole point - sharing our blessings...and I am so thankful that message is actively getting through. Watching them clear out the old to prepare and make way for the promise of the new, I thought of the parallel with Advent, as this is the time of year we are supposed to prepare our hearts for the promise of the new that God has given us.

If anyone is looking for an awesome free online devotional for Advent (and beyond) check out Following the Star. I am loving it, b/c it prompts you to take a little more time to think, instead of just reading a verse or two and moving on.


  1. we grew up with an advent calendar that my mom made out of fabric, and each day (dec. 1 - 24) we pinned up a part of the nativity scene. it has filled my memories with so much joy and a couple years ago, i got to make my own to share with my future family. clay and i pin up a character or animal every day and read a corresponding scripture. growing up, mom and dad would put a hersheys kiss in the pocket for each child so we got a piece of candy as well.

    i love that you are doing one with stickers this year! yay for advent calendars that are beyond the paper box with chocolates behind every window :-)

    and thanks for recommending the online advent readings. i really enjoyed yesterdays and have passed it along to family and friends!


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