Surprise: Shots!

On the way to CiCi's Pizza after school, (it was fundraiser day there for my MOPS group!) we drove past Walgreens with a sign posted: "Flu Shots Today"

We made appointments around Labor Day to get the 1st available seasonal flu shots, (the 2nd week of October)...and then our pediatrician called 2 days before and said, "Sorry, we're out." Everywhere has been out since I started feeling urgent about getting them, so when I saw that sign (and knew it was a trusted location; the head nurse practitioner is actually coming to speak to our MOPS group in March & I know people who use their clinic regularly since it's less crowded & cheaper than the normal ped) I whipped around into the lot.

Sorry, kids. I know you thought we were going to CiCi's (their fave place) but SURPRISE! We're all getting shots first!!!

I felt awful to do that to them, but you know - I couldn't pass it up, esp. with the way sickness sets into Will's lungs, and honestly, I think spur of the moment was way easier & less dramatic than the build up to "Shot Day" would have been. Sis actually ASKED to go FIRST! She cried for a split second...but it was enough to terrify Will. Will is my super scaredy cat. He wailed like a baby, but when I told him he could pick out a piece of chocolate, he finally stopped. Other than those few minutes of Will hysteria behind closed doors, it was a BREEZE! I am SO glad we *finally* got that taken care of, and I am extremely happy to know that clinic handles so many other issues AND TAKES OUR INSURANCE! :-) The happiest part: the kids each got a coloring/activity book for "being so brave." Score!


  1. what a blessing to get those done!

  2. That's awesome! I got super lucky with Abby's flu shot (mist). When I took her to the doctor in late August for a bought of ringworm, the doc mentioned they had the flu mist available if I wanted it for Abby. I couldn't believe my EXTRA trip to the doc? No needles? Fabulous!!! Of course, now we're still waiting for the H1N1 for her.

  3. We're still waiting for H1N1, too. Seems to be getting easier to get, and admittedly, I haven't tried for that one, yet.


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