Merry Christmas!

I really enjoyed the Following the Star Advent devotional this year, and I don't want to forget this major point to remember year round:

Christmas reminds us that God is still in the habit of breaking into our everyday lives with the promise of good news. Are you waiting? Are you listening? Do you believe it is coming? Are you ready to jump for joy?

Merry Christmas to ALL of you, thank you for talking the time to get to know me, and I hope we continue to celebrate life together!

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A Christmas prayer:
God, today as we celebrate the arrival of Jesus among us, help me to remember that he is God, the creator of the universe, the great I AM who offered himself for me. In the quiet of this moment, remind me that Christmas is not an end, but a beginning – the beginning of the coming of your kingdom on earth. Continue to shape me in your image and use me to be about your work in the world. Today, help me to offer all of myself as a gift to you. Happy birthday, Jesus! Amen.

Not an end, but a beginning... Like the "Christmas Night" reading also echoed, I don't want any of us to get down in a post-holiday slump. I want to revel with this same level of joy year-round! Not guaranteeing that will be the case everyday, but I know I can choose joy over irritation more often, and I'm excited to continue to try!

Now back to my precious family, after a day of super presents, delicious food, relaxed flopping around on the couch, bobbing around in my parents' hot tub, followed by a chai latte, and now for another round of good eats...