Clearing My Desktop

Here are a bunch of random links I need to close off my desktop to get ready to travel home, so I thought I'd put them here to remember and perhaps share, if anyone may be interested.

Free bagel poppers at Einsteins through Dec. 29th!

I want a set of these cute bowls (as yet another of our old ones was broken last night) from this cute online store, and I want to make this artwork into a plate sometime:

I want to pick up a carton of this drink to have on hand instead of Pedialyte for the next (hopefully far, far away!) time the kids get sick. It sounds fantastic!

I got pre-Christmas digiscrapped just in time! (I can't let myself get behind with big events on scrapping, or else I'll get overwhlemed and put it off even longer.)

December 7-12: Gingerbread houses, tap, Montessori Christmas Music Program, and training into Chicago for...

...the Willis (Sears) Tower Skydeck and Adler Planetarium with our friends from Romaina December 12th: