SPRING in December? In Illinois???

I am appalled. Appalled isn't even strong enough. Agape, agog, aghast! I was confounded last April when I couldn't find jeans - only jean shorts - for Will at Walmart. (I buy all his pants there, b/c he goes through the knees of Gymboree brand just as quickly, so why not save the $$$?) But I was utterly thunderstruck to see spring shirts there last week and short sleeves already overtaking the racks - when it was 7°F outside their doors with a windchill of -12°F! ...And I was even more put out that they had a super cute polo shirt that will make Will's eyes pop that I couldn't resist. Sucker.


  1. You may want to look into pants for Will at Sears. They have a program like a warranty for kids clothes. I think it's called kidvantage.

  2. Oooo! Thanks for the tip!!! I've never thought of shopping at Sears, b/c I'm never at the mall, but always at Walmart & Target. That would so be worth it!!!


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