Montessori Music & Chicago Sightseeing Pics

So after the last post, here are the pics to prove the AWESOME parts of last weekend! :-)

Will & Annelise had their Montessori Christmas music program Friday night.
Jingle Bells:

Proud family:

Saturday morning, we took the train into the city, (a fun adventure for the kids in and of itself):

We posed in Union Station...

...Before heaing to the top of Willis (formerly Sears) Tower - the 3rd tallest building in the WORLD and the tallest in the western hemisphere. Willis Tower has "The Ledge" - glass boxes where you can literally step out over the city on the 103rd floor. Yeah. This usually-scared-of-heights mama conquered her fear for the sake of super cool pics:

Afterwards, we went to Adler Planetarium, which actually has the best view back to the Chicago skyline, b/c it's on a penisula out in Lake Michigan:

See! We DID still have fun! :-)

(And I only have 1 load of laundry left! :-P)


  1. I want to know how you only wash 2 loads of laundry on a normal week with 2 kids. I wash at least 4 every week and sometimes 6.

  2. I don't know! I do a load of lights, another of darks, and that's just it. Every once in a while, sheets and/or towels, but not weekly. I don't have a problem wearing things more than once, if they're not stained or smelly. I don't how people generate more than we do, unless they have a bunch of kids or like changing clothes more than once a day! :-P


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