3-Week Answers

3 weeks ago, I couldn't decide what to do about my nails & Christmas stamps.

I had gotten a Shellac mani (I had wanted an Axxium mani, but they had no sparkly Axxium colors. I = glitter) & I wasn't sure how I felt about the less-than-perfect job. Well, I never had time to go back...but it really didn't look bad from just a step away, and it lasted (all but one nail) until TODAY!!! THREE WEEKS, PEOPLE! When I went back today to soak it off, they told me they'd gotten a new Axxium color with glitter in it: OPI Ink - a deep dark purple with tiny blue glitter. Of course, I got it! I am so excited to see how long this one lasts! LOVE the color, and I LOVE the job my nail tech did today. Super pleased!

Our Christmas cards have been sitting on the kitchen island since BEFORE Thanksgiving, so I *finally* bought my stamps today and will get to stuffing. The winner? Baby Jesus, of course! I just couldn't not get the Madonna & Child stamp, even if it's the same design as last year. :-)

We got our Advent reading today that my family gets to do as we light the Advent candle at church this Sunday morning. It's all about JOY! :-D Looove that!

I was shocked at how much more I could do at Zumba this morning. Don't get me wrong - it still kicked my derrière, and I still get major side cramps the whole way through; but I can actually tell a difference. (I don't have any goal with it. Just want to keep moving.) We did a new merengue march song this morning, and I cracked up, b/c it totally reminded me of the music on the SNL sketch "The Manuel Ortiz Talk Show" where they all do a little merengue march in place & snap their heads over & over. :-D

Last time I also gave a midway chocolate review. The final verdict: the Top Chef Godiva box was AMAZING!!! The Bakery Dessert truffles were a bit disappointing - just not creative or unique enough for me.