Celebrating Carolina-Style

We've been home for 24 hours, and I already feel like I'm swimming in blessings. First off, JB's parents are taking care of Bonnie Blue & everything back up north - what a gift to have that peace of mind! We also stopped for a couple hours on our 12-hour road trip down at one of my BFF's homes; it was a great & COMFORTABLE way to break up the trip a little...esp. after I spent all Tuesday sick as a dog. (Trust me: barfing is *not* the best way to prep for said road trip. *Shudder* God truly blessed me by motivating me to pack Monday night!) We made it home relatively painlessly, though, and today? Today was sheer perfection. JB & I got to sleep in with zero child interruption until *we* naturally woke up. (Hear that noise? Yep - it's an angel choir.) The kids went right next door to their BFF's house, JB & Hershel went out to do guy stuff, and my mom & I went to get pedicures. (Yep - that's more heavenly host!) I used the most perfect color ever: OPI's Holiday Burlesque purple glitter "Show It & Glow It!" - in my stocking from Grandma & Grandpa. (And yes, I have to do Sissy's nails with it, again, tomorrow! :-)) When we got back, we loaded everyone up together to drive over to my hometown to visit with Grandmommy for a while, followed by dinner at our beloved family barbeque restaurant. (You could hear more angels singing...if their mouths weren't full. ;-))

We finally arrived at Charlotte Motor Speedway (Will's idea of heaven on earth) for their Carolina Christmas celebration. It was SO COOL! We had a special fast pass and got to drive all over the infield, through the pits, & up on the banking in Turn 1 with the radio tuned to music that matched the blinking lights totally surrounding us! When we parked, we went through a petting zoo, a live nativity that included a whole little Bethlehem, the kids sat on Santa's lap again, they decorated wooden projects, and finally went SKATING! I love that even though we currently live in the frozen tundra, our kids went skating for the very first time at home in Carolina! :-D I'm actually a decent skater, so I took the kids out for about an hour - Will took some hard spills, but he refused to stop! We all had a ball!

On the way out, we got back on the racetrack one more time...and Hershel FLOORED IT! I may be a new NASCAR convert thanks to Will, but I totally understood the rush out there tonight, and we didn't even have a stretch open long enough to hit 100 mph! ;-)


  1. Sounds like a truly wonderful time! So happy your cute family is having so much fun and enjoying themselves :)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. THANK YOU!!! Wanna hear the "coolest" part? That ice rink was NOT real *ICE* - it was actually an awesome plastic surface! It felt like real ice texture, and the skate blades even cut little shavings like snow slush, but it WASN'T COLD! What a DREAM COME TRUE for me & Annelise!!!!!!!


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