My Mary!

Our church here always holds their children's Christmas program on the 1st Saturday in December. It is super basic - the epitome of under-engineered. Even though it's so simple, it holds a special place in my heart: Will had his first stage appearance ever in this show when he was 2...and it set my heart atwitter. This year, Annelise was asked to be Mary, and of course I flipped for joy. (I'm not a psycho stage mom - SHE flipped, too! ;-)) The funniest part was that our new neighbor BFFs started going to our church this year (before we met!) and their son, Christian, was asked to be Joseph! A&C were THRILLED to get to do this with each other!


  1. Of course you are a psycho stage mother. Didn't I teach you anything? Mama Rose ain't got nothin' on us once the theatre bug bites!


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