Devotional Gold

From Following the Star:

Joy might be the one most sought-after gift of this season.
Though it can be elusive, people of faith remain ever open to its coming.
Pause now and open your soul to the joy lurking at the edges of your awareness. Receive the gift with gladness.

God, I often don’t like the circumstances I find myself in. And I often struggle to see you in them. Help me, like Mary, to trust you when I can’t see where the path leads, when I can’t make sense of the reasons, when I have way more questions than answers. Help me to have the ears to hear your voice and to have faith in your good plans for me. Help me to believe, and to follow. And may I be surprised with joy in the process. Amen.

God who understands my humanity, thank you that you know what I need even before I do. Thank you that you provide for me in ways I could never expect. Thank you for the people you place in my life who give me a safe place, who listen to me and love me, who help me to have perspective and who strengthen me for what lies ahead. They are you with skin on, just when I need it. They make following you in joy possible. For that I am profoundly grateful. Amen.

Jesus wants us to engage and encounter God in a special way, and live a life that survives storms. A life with God as the foundation doesn’t prevent storms from coming, but when they do come, the "house" withstands the heavy winds and rains.

Creator God, you offer me a foundation for my life. You give me the strength to survive the storms. May I encounter you, build upon that foundation, and live a life that stands firm. Amen.