D-Day +1 & +2

D-Day [discharge day] +1 yesterday was instantly back to full-speed for us. Back to school, then back to dance. She skipped gymnastics, so I could go be the "Mystery Reader" in Will's class. (We showed up at his school and read Good Boy, Fergus and If You Take a Mouse to the Movies to his class! We were a big hit. :-)) We had her follow-up appointment yesterday afternoon - pulse ox was 98 = perfect, and ended up at our fave local pizzeria (the one with FREE all-you-can-eat soft breadsticks!!!) Mmmmmm...

D-Day +2 - the kids went to school, I went to Zumba. Sis & I ran errands - gas, Costco, nails (yes, that counts! it's not like I do it regularly ;-)), paying our dentist bill, picking up the book on hold for Sis at the library, & finally getting Christmas stamps - before picking up Will & going to Sissy's make-up gymnastics class, since she missed that part yesterday. While we waited for her, Will did his reading homework, and I stuffed 2/3rds of our Christmas cards.

Yep. We're back to normal. :-) Everything fell into place today so well that I just want to shout thanks & praise to Jehovah-Jireh!!!