Advent Devotionals

I hope y'all don't feel like I'm beating you over the head with Advent; I just want to share the wonderful things that have been shared with me! Advent is an easy season to start a devotional - it's a less-than-month-long thing, and it's easy to be in the spirit. :-) I've found two great free ones:

#1 - Again this year, I am doing Following the Star through email.
Here was yesterday's entry, written by Susan Groce:

"May the Lord reward you for your deeds, and may you have a full reward from the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come for refuge!" ~Ruth 2:12

"Ruth wanted someone who would accept her for who she was. She wanted someone with whom she could be herself, with whom she could let down her guard. Surprisingly, she finds this in a foreign land. We all need a place where we can feel safe and secure, no matter how young or old we are. We look for someone who will take us under their wing. We look not just for protection, but for someone who gives us a feeling of being safe, who doesn't judge us for our weaknesses and with whom we don’t need to prove ourselves. This someone accepts us in all circumstances and conditions.

This type of security can only be found in the refuge of the God of Israel. Who does God take under God’s wings - holy prestigious people with strong faith? No. Anyone who comes to God. God doesn’t ask what we can bring to the table. God only asks of us, “What do you need?”"

Gracious God, you offer me a place to feel safe, a place of refuge. Thank you for a love that is like no other. Amen.

#2 - My dear friend, Phyllis, introduced me to this amazing free Jesse Tree Advent devotional book yesterday, as well. CHECK IT OUT!!!!! I cannot recommend enough!!!!!!! I think following Ann is really going to challenge me...and I'm excited for that. :-)


  1. i've been reading ann voskamps words for years - they challenge and lift me up at the same time. you'll really like her. and her blog - it's water for a thirsty soul! :) enjoy!

  2. I *KNEW* you would be an Ann Voskamps fan!!! As I read her, I kept thinking "LIZ!!!" :-D

  3. you don't know how big of a compliment that is to me. :)


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