Camp & 'Que

Day 2 of football camp was just as awesome!
[Hiking drill - Will: white shirt, pre-hike]

Just an example of the fun attitude these coaches have: as everyone was assembling, Will gave his a hard high-five and the coach stopped. He immediately made the whole squad take a knee around him & Will and said, "You have to tell us, what are you drinking? What are you drinking at home that makes you so strong? Whole milk? 2%?" Will said, "Skim milk & water." The coach cheered, "Skim milk, team! Skim milk & water! OK, what times of the day do you drink it? Let's get everyone on this plan!" It. Was. Adorable. (I know, there's that non-manly word, again, but seriously - the way this guy interacts with his charges *is* adorable!) They even did a hands-in cheer for skim milk before joining everyone else. :-)

When Annelise & I came back for pick-up, it was hothothot (get used to it now, boys! ;-))
[Photo credit: Princess Pumpkin b/t cheers]

but everyone was still drilling with seemingly-good attitudes. Will was all smiles!!! I felt like I was at a party - they had fun music playing over the PA, and then they closed camp for the day with awesome spirit: they all lined back up in the tunnel & came tearing out to Metallica. :-P Then they circled up & jumped to House of Pain's "Jump Around" (impossible to sit still to!) before clapping & cheering "Trojans!" (the county mascot.)

Walking back into our house this afternoon, I was hit by a wave of amazing deliciousness:
My famous slow-cooker pulled pork barbeque! [And yes! That's my beloved pineapple luminary behind! ;-)] I CANNOT WAIT to dig in!!! Reciplease? OK! It's soooooo hard:

* Place a pork roast (1-4 lbs. depending on how much you want; it can be anything: a Boston Butt, or I always use a pork loin roast, b/c the crock pot makes it SO MOIST, you don't miss the fat) in a crock pot, and pour a can or two of any carbonated beverage over the roast.
* Season with a few dashes of your favorite seasonings, (salt, pepper, etc. I just use Lawry's Seasoned Salt,) and cover the exposed pork with a layer of your favorite barbeque sauce. (Drench the whole thing, if you like, but just make sure the sides not covered by the beverage are coated, so they don't get tough & dried out.)
* Cover and cook on high 6-7 hours.
* After cooking, remove and shred the pork.
* Either pour your favorite barbeque sauce over the meat, or use it for dipping, if you want a less saucy taste.

We're also having the fresh tomatoes we just picked out back:
and fresh green beans. OK, I have to go now, b/c I cannot wait to eat any longer. *DINNER BELL!!!*