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This post is dedicated to Jackie & Kholá! ;-)

I have found some of the most fabulous fashions the last few days! [I feel back to my old self in the South, caring about looking cute, again...b/c people actually SPEAK to you when you're out & about. You make first impressions & new friends at every turn; less than 10 total strangers spoke to me in 5 years up north, and no one could see what I was wearing from October-May, anyway, b/c it was hidden under my omnipresent winter coat. :-P]

I am *thrilled* to pieces that I feel like I live in Lillyland, again. (Lilly Pulitzer, y'all.) I think people would've thought I'd joined the circus wearing Lilly print pants up north. :-D I found the most divine Lilly top in my size at a high-end consignment store for $20 [instead of $120, although I covet this] - excitement abounds!!! All the pants they had were size 4, (I need an 8 in Lilly,) but hopefully one day! Maybe I'll find a fab consignment Lilly dress one day, too!

My mom and I went to the Talbot's OUTLET (yes, outlet!) Thursday. [Site of the infamous "Come on in flies!" debacle. I am pleased to announce that their apparent demon possession was short-lived. They woke up sweet as angels the next day, on their best behavior, without any fussing or trying to change my mind about the day's continued revoked sweets & treats - a tough punishment on vacay at LaLa's! They did NOT want that punishment extended, and I'm extra pleased they recognize what a hard@$$ their Mommy is when it comes to not giving in on a punishment I've doled out. ;-) I love sweet, apologetic cherub children! :-P] There I found a pair of awesome black jeans, regularly $70 for $8. They fit like a glove, without being trashy tight. I also scored a fuchsia sequined twin set, usually $230 for under $40. I am sooo ready for JB's work conference in Savannah that I get to tag along to in August. ;-)


  1. Love this!! I am in love with LILY!!!!!!

  2. Yep we would match with my bathing suit and your top. You look great. I am so sorry the north was not friendly. I think southerners are nice and defiantly more outgoing. I am from the north though and am friendly (: I think when it comes down to it most people give back what you give and there are nice people, rude, and fake people everywhere. I am glad you are happy though. Oh and I love consignment stores, we have really good thrift stores here in c-bus too..

  3. Me, too, Jackie! I got citrus print green Lilly pants & a pink Lilly dress in Charleston at another consignment store! :-D

    We would be so cute, Katie!!! And you can talk to Jackie about my experiences up north. :-P I actually loooooved living outside Chicago - so vibrant, fun, & friendly! But our two tours of duty in Michigan were crushing. I'm a crazy smiley person, and outside of my precious church family there, I got virtually nothing back from the people I was always smiling at. It was hard... But it was a growing season, and we've been happily delievered, so I'm good! :-D


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