Annelise *finally* started doing big jumps into the pool (with her life vest on, but still...) on Friday, and it INSTANTLY turned into showtime. Per her strict, specific instruction, before each & every jump, someone must boldly announce:

"PRESENTING: Annelise's Jumping Show! And she's HERE!!!"

She really does point her toes & angle her legs so beautifully when she jumps - it's amazing! MUST get back into dance & gymnastics down here... :-)

I got my new Junior League placement for the coming year: webmaster! I'm ready to make rock this fall. I had my transition meeting Tuesday night with the last webmaster to learn the job; I have a new web design program to learn, but it seems fairly [old school] easy. I was so jazzed after the meeting, I stayed up for 3 hours making my first updates and fixing a problem they never could work out before...which fired me up even more. :-)

I snapped a ton of green beans this week - the fresh veggie of choice in our house lately. I love what my BFF Linds said about them: that's popping bubble wrap, Southern Style. ;-)

I feel silly: we've been wearing shorts & dresses here since February, but I *just* started putting some self-tanning lotion on my legs. What was I waiting for?


  1. I thought that you were the only one that liked green beans?!!? Next time I pick some more I will let you have them!

    I am bummed that I have to wait to become a member of JCL -- I think it would be something fun and rewarding to get into. Also, a good way to meet people! Keep us updated on fundraisers and such :) Any reason to dress up and eat good eats and drink good drinks!

  2. Re: green beans - I thought so, too, until this summer! Who knew they ALL love fresh ones?!?! We'll take as many as you can spare when we get back!!! :-)

    And I would LOVELOVELOVE for you to come to *all* the JLA fundraisers, too, so you can definitely count on that!!!!!


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