Letters to Will

All 23 kids in Will's first 1st Grade class in MI (with Ms. Scott) sent him letters that they each wrote on their own, saying how much they miss him. ♥

They all say things like:

Dear Will,

I miss you! We want you with us. You are kind. You are very nice. I hope you can visit. I hope you are having fun in your new house and new school. I will always remember you!

Your Friend,

Talk about blessed to tears! The best part was that Will still remembered each & every child. :-) He said, "Remember, Mom - she was the cupcake at Halloween. He was the funny kid when you were the mystery reader. She rode with us on the apple orchard field trip. He was wearing the black shirt on the tug-of-war team." He is just like his mommy when it comes to never letting go of friends!!!


  1. So sweet...I am actually getting ready to write a blog about letters tonight :) I am sure that made his day (and yours)!


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