What the What?!?!?!

What the what got into my kids today?!?! I purposely use my blog to help magnify the positivity in our lives...but lest anyone think we're ever charmed beyond normalcy, let me share with you how my children manifested the most horrifyingly unacceptable behavior today. [And rest assured, repercussions are being enforced.]

In the grand scheme of things, some people might not find this as reprehensible as I do, but b/c they *ARE* so amazingly awesome when we're here & esp. ALWAYS in public, this was completely out-of-control: Will wouldn't get over pouting that I'm making him wait until his bday (less than 2 months!) for ANOTHER Monopoly game, (he has 3,) so he wouldn't smile at Grandmommy the simple 15 minutes we saw her today = ultimate in rude. He gave me attitude at lunch & thought he was making a statement by refusing to order anything; that doesn't punish me, Bud - it just saves me $. Finally, when Mom & I went to an outlet store (which I had pre-warned them that we were doing last night, that it would be super boring for them, but I expected them to act right so we could do happy things afterwards,) it was like they were on crack. Loud, cackling, crawling through the racks = totally unacceptable & embarrassing for kids who are NOT toddlers. They wouldn't even settle when MOM told them to calm down, which is a total first. Usually LaLa = Gospel. The final straw: as we left the store, Will opened the doors and shouted, "Come on in flies! Get in the store flies!" [which I 100% admit is totally freaking hysterical!!!!! But] it was said with a mean spirit & rude intent *in front* of the saleslady, so I jerked him aside and growled, "How dare you!!! How dare you say in front of that lady that you want her store to get messed up?!?!?" Grrrrr...

All treats are gone for the rest of today & tomorrow, and Will & Annelise will both be writing letters/cards to LaLa apologizing for disrespecting her and to Grandmommy saying how much they love her.

Mom & I had to escape after the tumult, and my feet were in desperate need of attention, (I hadn't had a pedicure since we were together here at Christmas = not cool when I've lived in sandals now since February!) so we hid out for a bit at the salon. ;-) Best. Pedis. Ever. And I even tried a new product: Gelish. It's the latest UV-cured polish for natural nails that wears as long as fake nails, like Axxium. The color I got is shockingly sheer for my normally flashy self, but it's super shimmery & glittery in the sun. I'll let you know how it wears!

Yay for finding peace in even the craziest days! [And it wasn't even just b/c of the pedis...although those helped! ;-) The kids have settled down and are out in the backyard right now hunting lightning bugs - pure magic. :-)]