Will started his very first football camp this morning. It's run by our high school coaching staff and is only three days (M-W), but this is a BIG DEAL. JB played football through college, and you ALL know it is hands down my most favorite sport evereverever. This fall will be his first season of true tackle, and this whole house is about to burst at the seams with excitement. (Sis, too - she'll be cheering!)

Can you believe we are in official "exceptional drought" stage (worst of the worst measurements)...and the first rainy morning since the first week of April was TODAY? :-P I wasn't a wuss enough to think camp would be canceled, except for thunder; but we stayed storm-free, and it was probably the best weather you could actually have for an athletic camp in the Southern summer - no sun, occasional drizzle. Will's brand new cleats, courtesy of Daddy on Saturday, got a marathon break-in session with the wet field:

I only stayed for the first 10 minutes, b/c all the other moms left, and I didn't want the coaches to think I was "that" mom who was afraid her baby was going to get hurt. (I just wanted to watch!!!) Their opening huddle was ADORABLE (sorry - I know that's not a manly description, but IT WAS!) and I saw their first drill - high kicks walking across the field, touching the opposite hand to the raised foot:
- before tearing myself out of the stands. When Sis & I got home, JB called & asked if I was still there; when I said no & why, he said, "Awww! Well, I would've stayed!!!" That was it - I went back 30 minutes early before pick-up. ;-)

[Far left: just threw the ball]

[Just caught the ball & ready to run past...]

[...the defensive kid in two-hand touch.]

I was so anxious to see how he liked it! This was his first REAL experience with REAL (not flag) football; and if he hated it, I wanted to know ASAP, so I could get over myself & let this go. ;-) ...But he LOVED IT! As they were dismissed and I came out to meet him, his coach came over, pointed to Will and hailed, "Camper of the day! Camper of the day!" [No one, including Will, really told me what he did to earn Camper of the Day, but hey - we'll take it!]


  1. Go Will! I know you are super excited! And thankfully the weather wasn't too hot!!! It hsa been so miserably hot...I know you love this heat but I really can't see kids running around in it. I feel bad for Victoria who starts Band camp at the end of July!!!! 8:00 - 8:00 for an entire week and 8:30 - 5:30 for another 3 days! Whew. Talk about sweating to death.


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