NC Hodgepodge

I'm closing out my last night at home on vacay in NC with my fam while JB finishes his business trip with a hodgepodge of pics & notes:

My BFF Wendy sent me this shot from her camera of me snuggling on the train with my Princess Pumpkin Peach:

Last year, Annelise spotted & said that she wants flowers like these at Costco for her wedding. :-P [I told her she could have as many flowers as she wants for her wedding!] She apparently remembered all this and said it, again, on Wednesday - and this time wanted me to take a picture to remember. :-)

One of our favorite things to do at my parents' house is to bob around in their backyard hot tub:

My BFF Wendy & me at The Melting Pot on Sunday - our traditional dinner out whenever I'm in town:

Finally [with a language caveat] this is an absolute MUST-READ for all married women!!! In JB's defense - he would NEVER be Victor. (In fact, I might pull a Vic before he would! :-P) But it's STILL the funniest thing I've read re: marital relationships in ages! My mom was unable to catch her breath for over 15 seconds. :-D The two of us might be the ones looking for giant metal chickens for each other now... ;-)


  1. Thanks for sharing the chicken post! Hilarious! I don't know what Victor's problem is with the towels, but based on the picture of their front door, I think that house could use lots of towels (unlike mine with minimal towel storage and a very modest front door) :-)


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