Tons O' Cousins

We had a family get-together (why we baked the cake ;-)) today at my aunt & uncle's house in my hometown for Grandmommy & her sister, Aunt Frances, and for all of the cousins to swim & play together. We hadn't seen most of the cousins in AGES. It's hard for me being the only grandkid out of 5 families who isn't local - the others can see each other all the time, so family days like this are almost pass√© & no big deal...but to me & my kids? It means the world!

Almost all of my first cousins and our kids:

Aunt Frances & Grandmommy covered in her grands & greats!

Annelise, their cousin (my brother's son) Matthew, & Will with my first cousin Jennifer:

So thankful for these happy family times!


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