100th Day Homemade George Washington

For his 100th Day of School tomorrow, Will has to dress up like someone over 100 years old. He chose George Washington. (He wouldn't just be a random old person. *Sigh*) But I made his vision come true & put this together from head to toe! #rockstarmom

I found this navy pair of pj's at Walmart for $8. I probably wouldn't have given them a second look had they not been misplaced on an endcap and had the top not been unbuttoned. I don't think I would have recognized how much it could resemble a Continental Army jacket, otherwise. (Yay, piping!) The long legs are tucked up into a pair of JB's knee socks, and I made the ascot out of paper doilies ($1.50 at the grocery) tied with floss. The wig is my pièce de résistance: I used polyfill batting (like for stuffing pillows - $1.75 at Hobby Lobby) for the "hair". I piled & formed it on top of one of Will's baseball caps turned backwards (backwards to have a base for the little ponytail and to keep it all off the back of his neck) and secured it all in place with a white hair net (69¢ at Sally Beauty). I even added the curl rolls above his ears with empty toilet paper rolls! I am pretty proud of this sucker!

Sis in her 100th Day celebration hat [her 100th day of Montessori Kindy was Monday] & George Washington Will - doing the image of the Father of our Country proud...


  1. Mad props for being ueber creative, and bonus points for doing it economically! :)

  2. Genius!! I knew you would pull off an amazing creation. Love his little hands-on-hips pose, and the wig is awesome!

  3. He actually made it through the whole day = success! ;-)

    So cute: one of my cheer moms the next neighborhood over posted on FB this morning, "Just got a wave from George Washington on the bus!" :-D


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