Beware of Flying Pigs!

Beware of flying pigs, y'all!!! I joined Pinterest...

After ignoring over ten invitations since June, I finally succumbed, b/c #1 - it's after Christmas, so no added holiday craft pressure ;-) and #2 - since it's not actually a conversation-driven social network, I won't stress myself over getting "behind" if I don't get on for a while. :-)

It is right up my alley - I grew up making mood boards and magazine cut-out posters of stuff that spoke to me, so there's no doubt I will fall madly in love. [Knowing the obsession-potential, though, was a reason for delay. ;-)]

I've wanted to add this to my sidebar here for ages...


  1. I requested an invitation to Pinterest, got one, but still haven't joined yet! I need to get my act together... ;)

  2. I have to say, after avoiding it for so long, I am totally in love!!! I've already used 3 great meal ideas!

  3. Love that!! I am totally going to have to repin that one for sure!! :)


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