Arrival Anniversary

This was me one year ago today:

One year ago this afternoon, we stepped off the plane here for the very first time! I almost cried with joy at seeing the Spanish moss in the trees. :-) It's the exact same weather today. What an amazing blessing this last year has been!!! ♥ As my mom likes to say, I've obviously been thrown into the briar patch! :-D

How am I celebrating? By hanging some pics, which have sat in a corner for the last 11.5 months. ;-) (I think I was scared to jinx us by really settling in! :-P) Of course we could be transferred at any time, (we've never gotten more than 2-3 weeks notice for any of our 6 corporate moves in the last 11 years,) but I'm not wasting a second wondering "what if". I am reveling in our gorgeous weather, focusing on growing the Zumba ministry, and excited to gear up for another baseball season here! We got Will signed up last night to try out & be drafted on February 11th; practice starts the following week. I hope he makes a team with other spirited parents who really enjoy cheering the boys on! :-)


  1. Happy Anniversary of your return to the homeland!!!! Southern girls never lose their need to be close to that sweet Southern soil! (((hugs)))

  2. AMEN TO THAT!!! :-D THANK YOU!!!!!


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