MLK Mini Golf

Yesterday was a rare occasion: *both* kids had the same day off school! [Their schools are in different counties; they even have completely different spring break weeks. :'(] I had a long list of chores...but I also wanted them to have a special day, so we miraculously got a perfect compromise. I usually make us do work before play...and usually the work takes longer than planned & play gets sacrificed; but yesterday, I got over myself, and we played first!

They ALWAYS beg to go to the Fun Park (so close by & completely unavoidable driving around town, so it's frequently brought up ;-)) and we had a few free passes (they each earned a free pass at school & I had one from Halloween at the Riverquarium) so we took advantage of the blue sky & sunshine to play putt putt! Will gets frustrated (just like I used to :-P) when he doesn't get it in two shots, but he didn't pitch any fits; and even though Annelise had the worst score, she got TWO holes-in-one!!! I totally rock mini golf, and even *I* didn't get a hole-in-one yesterday! :-D