Spring Prep

[Can I tell you how happy I am to write anything with "Spring" in the title in JANUARY and really meant it as no joke?!] Spring really is about to kick into gear here - there is pollen on my windshield and in a yellow ring around the water's edge in the pool. There is green grass growing in a number of fields - and not just winter wheat, real grass. The biggest sign? Every baseball field has a family or two out practicing on Saturdays & Sundays after church to prep for the start of the new season mid-Feb! Gorgeous warm sun & precious family time!


  1. when do you open your pool? :)

  2. I guess it's technically open year-round (there's no cover - it would never freeze; and the lady who owns the home has her pool guy, Hank, come every Thursday or so to clean it) but the kids started getting in mid-April last year. Our pool stays SO COOL, though, all summer (which I do NOT like; I want bathwater temps!) b/c it's concrete (no plastic liner that holds the heat) and in the shade for all but about an hour each day, so it's got to be over 100°F out for me to be warm enough to want to get in. (I know, I'm weird.) If money were no issue, I'd keep it heated to 88°F in summer (15° colder than the air is refreshing!) and 98°F in winter, but it's expensive to heat. We've never done ours, but our neighbors heat theirs for their grandkids at Christmas, and they said it's ~$100, so I'll pass. :-P I need to find an economical way to heat ours up, so I can enjoy it before June or July!!!


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