Zumba Ministry!

Y'all - it's ON! I start teaching Zumba® fitness on Tuesdays at Providence Church here!!! I can't tell you how much has gone into this. I spent literally MONTHS trying to get it started at Sherwood (the Courageous & Fireproof church) but that was just not where God wanted this to happen, b/c I pressed on and on and on, and nothing would ever get rolling. We made a few changes for our family (w/o this being a factor) before the holidays, I had one meeting (at Starbucks, YAY! :-D) with the pastor of Providence, and he immediately wanted to make this happen as much as I did!!! We finally have all the music performance licenses (you can get sued for playing the music w/o it! even the stuff directly from corporate Zumba®!) and Georgia "Release, Liability Waiver, & Covenant Not to Sue" forms for everyone to sign beforehand. Before this, I had no idea that you couldn't just start a little group class cold, you know? I thought the hard part would be memorizing all the choreography! HA! :-D

God really wrestled with me over this being a free ministry, but I know it's the right thing to do, and I'm just so excited to be able to REALLY GIVE my heart, in a way I haven't been able to do since my last MOPS group. My friend Whitney said, "It's so funny how our lives evolve and our ministry opps go right along with that! He's always got something for us! So blessed to just be a part!" EXACTLY!!!!! I would have NEVER, EVER dreamed I'd end up doing anything like this as a ministry; and I was so sad when MOPS was over for me... But He worked it out, as always, by growing ME for THIS! :-D ♥

Here's my whole official spiel:


Susie is a licensed member of the Zumba Instructor Network. "Zumba with Susie" at Providence Church is a FREE class offered Tuesdays from 5:30-6:15 PM as a community-wide outreach. You do not need to attend Providence to participate.

Independent Zumba® classes run b/t $3-$12 per class, (& they are SO WELL WORTH IT!) Gym memberships are several hundred dollars a year. Fitness & health are of the utmost importance, but they can be easy sacrifices in tough economic times. DON'T LET THAT DISCOURAGE YOU! Providence Church is providing this amazing fitness opportunity at NO COST TO YOU! Come, bring water, & be blessed!!!

Nervous about this whole Zumba business? ["I can't dance." "Jumping around in church is freaky." "WEIRD!"] Read this beautiful note from a Zumba participant at Highland Baptist Church in Waco, TX...and GET EXCITED for what God can do through *us*!


Confession: I hate working out. ZUMBA® is the ONLY form of "exercise" that has EVER held my interest longer than some 2 or 3 month fad. Why? Because it doesn't FEEL like exercise! It feels like dancing at a party with friends! :-) If you want to actually HAVE FUN while getting healthy, come join me! You don't have to know ANYTHING about dance - everything can be modified and tailored. Do it as "hang out time" with your friends, do it to get healthier, do it to stay sharp! Interested in weight loss? I lost 10 lbs in the first six months when I began taking Zumba® weekly as a student. Something that is THIS MUCH FUN *AND* could shape me up? It has become a passion! :-)

Outside of Zumba®, I studied dance (tap & jazz with ballet foundation) for 15 years and have taught dance (preballet, creative movement, tap, & jazz) outside Atlanta and Chicago. I am also a youth cheerleading coach.


  1. I am so excited for you! And I think it's so awesome to be able to offer it as a ministry. So many people have had to make enormous financial sacrifices the past few years, and having the opportunity to do something to improve their health with no cost is huge.

    BTW, speaking of all things Zumba, one of my friends here just tried a class, and I'm thinking of trying it out at the gym I go to. It sounds like fun, and your energy about it is contagious. :)

  2. There have been times when we could not have afforded a gym, either, and this area is the 4th poorest in the country! I just know I would have given anything for something like this a few years ago, so it feels AWESOME to give it back now. :-)

    TELL ME if you try Zumba & give me your review!!! I can't wait to hear!!!


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