My Life's Randoms In JUST the Last 24 Hours...

I've had all kinds of little obstacles pop up trying to steal my joy, but I've refused to let any of them tear me down. [I won't blame Friday the 13th - I looove Friday the 13ths. :-)]

Last night was my once-a-month Junior League meeting...and, of course, another snag. (The only meeting I've made w/o a hitch was the 1st one in Sept.! Crazy, b/c it's not like we usually have much going on at night outside of sports seasons.) JB had a surprise business trip to NY this week, so I had to orchestrate childcare = my least favorite thing in the world, along with calling people on the phone. So blessed that God has provided us with good friends here & that it was so quick, easy, and not one bit out-of-the-way (that last part is so key!!!) to arrange this time!

I love JL meetings. Some people think they're boring as all get out; but since I don't have a corporate America job, I kind of enjoy formal board meetings complete with parliamentary procedure. (Esp. when they FEED you at said meetings! It's kind of ridiculous how delicious their chicken strips with honey mustard are...) Last night's was "one for the books", as it went longer and with more discussion & motions made than any other meeting in the last five years. [Seriously? The *one* night I was stressing about the time, b/c the kids were waiting up for me on a school night, instead of already being asleep in their own beds by the time it was halfway over. Can I say, again, how thankful I am to have found a friend close by willing to keep them? :-D]

Walking out of the meeting, the temp had plummeted. Bye-bye almost 70°F (until Monday.) This morning was literally freezing, but I wouldn't let it shake me. Thank you, God, that even though it was chilly today, we had gorgeous sunshine, blue skies, & NO SNOW like so many of my northern FB friends!

Speaking of today's temp & snow, it got up to 49°F - which is still a BIG DEAL of cold for Annelise's cold urticaria. She wanted to ride her scooter outside with Will this afternoon so much that she put on her snowsuit! I chuckled at first...but I'm glad she did, b/c when she came back inside after 15 minutes, her exposed face & hands *had* broken out. Sigh. It went away faster than ever back inside, which was good, but I am still praising God with all I have the He moved us South! I can't imagine what a nightmare living up north would be now, as this progresses. So thankful to be here...

More hassle: I went to pick up Annelise's refill at CVS, and our PITA insurance wants hers done by mail order now. That would be fine if #1 - we would have known they'd pull this so we could have set it up when we did Will's last year, (it's a different med & the ped doesn't do refills, just one script at a time - unlike Will's, which is a single script with year-long refills = easy to set up mail order for) and #2 - if she didn't only have five days left, (mail order takes almost a month to get going.) JB wasn't at his desk to tackle this easily through work, since he was still in NY, and I get mega-stressed dealing with this stuff over the phone (borderline panicky), so I drove over to our ped to tell them what our insurance was pulling in person. More thanks to God: they said they'd work it out for us. *relief* [Prayer request: we love this ped, but JB's company switched to an insurance this Jan that they don't really take. I'm going to talk to the ped before our next scheduled visits and see if he will authorize for us to stay there with his practice. Pray for favor for us that this works out!]

Even more hassle: I took a Lunchable [*BARF*] to school today for Annelise. It felt DISGUSTING... NOT that we *never* eat any processed junk, but I pack their lunches every day, so I KNOW it's a quality meal. She usually has lunch provided on Fridays, but APPARENTLY that doesn't start this 2nd semester now until Feb, so I had to run to Publix. I stood there for 20 stinkin' minutes trying to pick the "best of the worst". Lunchables just hit a nerve with me: grossly overpriced, processed crap that kids think are "THE COOLEST" b/c of the plastic package compartments. I totally get the kid-appeal, b/c I wanted them like crazy when I was younger, too. :-P Homemade bento-style will never be as cool to them, so I purposely take the Lunchables option off the table. I did NOT get the crackers or pizza ones - I got her the Ham + American Sub Sandwich with no drink (don't get me started on juice drinks! :-D) and a tiny crispy rice treat (that the school wouldn't let her eat & made her bring home! YAY!) I also got a fresh banana and sent that in, too, for my conscience. :-P I went to Publix over Subway with the intent of getting her a fresh Publix sub; the Publix by our house has kid-sized subs that come with a piece of fruit & yogurt like a "kid's meal", but Publix by her school didn't have those. :'( [Not shocked - just over a different county line. Different demographic. *sigh*] Annelise is in private Montessori this year, so they don't have a cafeteria; but Will's in public 2nd grade, and I absolutely REFUSE to let him buy lunch! I see that nasty lunch menu sent home every month and GAG. I ate school lunch growing up, but we had real vegetables, etc. This stuff is repulsive! We eat lots of treats in this house, so WHY would I EVER add to the sugar load at school with that junk? And since WHEN did the public school rules change? Growing up, I don't think our school ALLOWED anyone to bring candy/candy bars to lunch. [*stepping off soap box*]

The good part was, I didn't have to go far out of my way, I wasn't pressed for time, and she was thrilled. :-D Yay for earning Mother of the Year in her eyes. ;-)

Horror: this morning, someone had hit a dog on the highway right at the entrance to our sub. It. Tore. Me. Up. It had obviously just happened, but the pup was definitely gone. I hadn't seen gore like that close up on clearly-not-a-stray-or-wild animal before. Of course, I got stuck there at the intersection for three times longer than normal trying to pull out into traffic. I just didn't want Annelise to see!!! I was totally freaking on the inside. :'( I planned to call my local vet & JL friend, Haley, to see how to properly report & handle it, (if that had been Bonnie, I would have been gutted to have someone come & dump her w/o us ever knowing!!!) but I wanted to wait until after dropping off Annelise...and then the CVS "crisis" & lack-of-lunch problem all before Zumba threw me off track. When I got back, the body had been removed - I pray respectfully and with the family notified. I have been snuggling Bonnie Blue EXTRA hard this afternoon. Praying for the owners... I don't care if it sounds silly, pets ARE family members.

Zumba: It seems like a lot of people are REALLY EXCITED for my class to start next Tuesday! :-D I've been answering tons of great questions about the class online. My two faves...
How is an out-of-shape/60-something/couch potato/anti-gym member/[insert issue :-)] going to do in your class?
You will be fine! We start slow, and I'll show how you can take the intensity up or down to meet you where you are. :-) I've been involved with a Zumba Gold class (aimed at 60+ & even including some hospital rehab patients) for about 10 months and have learned a lot from that instructor on modifications, so NO WORRIES!!!! Come & you will ROCK IT!!!!!
Do you teach like a drill sergeant?
I am NOT one of those drill sergeant trainer types! I'm not about everybody perfecting every move "just like I do it". [PS - *I* don't do them all perfectly every time, either! :-D] I want everyone to do the best version for THEM. Of course, I want you to push yourselves a bit, but a senior adult with joint issues pushing their limits looks a lot different than a teenager who loves the gym does pushing it. In all honesty - I HATE gyms & "working out". I've fallen in love with this, b/c it's the first exercise thing that makes me laugh, smile, & have fun. :-D

Today I told the instructor of the Zumba class I take every Friday morning about my new class. I was nervous that she may think of it as competition, but another good thing about Zumba is that the instructors are very supportive of each other. She actually already knew about it, b/c she saw the class listing on and was so excited for me!

Closing with lust, so I can allow myself to close the follow browser tab. ;-) Y'all know how I am, so I can't seem to bring myself to buy this; but OHHHHH EEEEEM GEEEEE have I fallen hard for this Lilly Pulitzer dress - the Jia Dress.
(These thumbnails do ZERO justice! Click on the big link.) I can't decide which pattern I adore more, Bright Navy Coral Siesta or Turquoise Coral Cascade. Be still, my [size M ;-)] heart...


  1. The coral is perfect for your skin tone! This is a perfect dress for your upcoming decade anniversary celebration! ;)

  2. I do *looove* the coral & esp. that it also has a damask look WITH the blue coral pattern = ♥♥♥
    *BUT* I already have two coral summery dresses, and no turquoise... ???


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