First Zumba Class = Taught!

I can't tell y'all how disappointed I am that I don't have a photo from yesterday to go with this post. So much so that it actually makes this harder to write! I. Need. Pics.

But I am happy to report that that was the SINGULAR disappointment of the evening! :-D

I had more peace than I've ever had starting a new dance class - so confident. Even the sound system came together flawlessly: I can control it from onstage w/o having to run over to a computer, CD player, or sound board to pause b/t songs. (Sounds simple, but anything that makes class run more smoothly is huge!)

Right around 20 (TWENTY!!!) ladies came!!! That is insane for a first class. [Quite a few more said they couldn't make this week, but are planning for next week! 49 people, so far, support my "Zumba with Susie" FB page!] Of course, it helps that it's a free ministry, :-P but that took the pressure off me a bit, too: no worrying if people would feel like they got their $'s worth. ;-) Everyone seemed fairly light-hearted & open, as they milled around & signed the "Release, Liability Waiver, & Covenant Not to Sue" forms I had to draft. (Covering all my legal bases!)

When we got going, I really tried to make sure I came across confidently, but as the "anti-drill sergeant". I didn't want anyone to feel intimidated or discouraged, b/c they didn't do the moves "just like me" - that's not what my class is about. I actually feel lucky, now, to have been "stuck with" my lower impact Zumba class I've been taking on Fridays: it's the only Zumba here while my kids are at school, & I was bummed that it's almost a Zumba Gold (senior adult) level class; but while I personally take all the steps up a level there, I have received a virtual year-long Zumba Gold training. I feel comfortable offering lower impact modifications to all my routines now, so that I can have my standard Zumba class be open to more people! I had ladies of ALL ages (teens to over 60) & at different levels of physical ability last night; but we ALL laughed, smiled, had fun, & NO ONE had to feel self-conscious or like "they didn't measure up" - my class is about *personal* best, not perfecting steps. My local BFF Laura came, and I asked her honestly how I came across - she said, "You came across confident, but so sweet! I loved how you told us a couple of times, "Don't slow down, keep it up!" but you were giggling and just having a blast up there! I bet no one would've guessed that this was your first class as an instructor. You did amazing!" #edifyingfriendship *insert waterworks*

When I checked FB last night, so many people said the class had blessed them: #1 goal = met. People kept thanking me that it was free, b/c they couldn't afford gyms, and this was an answer to prayer. *more waterworks* There have been times when we couldn't afford a gym, either - it makes me cry, b/c I *reallyreallyreally* do understand, and it's unexplainable how full it feels to meet a need for someone else that you've had yourself.

So excited for next week and for God to keep moving through this!!!


  1. It totally gives me the warm fuzzies that you're doing this as a ministry. When money is tight, things like gym memberships and fun activities (even ones that support a healthier lifestyle) are sacrificed, and so long-term damage can happen if people don't have access to opportunities such as this.

  2. you rock, girlfriend! i love seeing our passions play out in our lives. thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Thank you, both, SO MUCH! *misty, again* ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Very proud of you for sooo many reasons. You are a classy lady!! Love to you!!


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