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This has been the greatest week, so far, coming back from NC. JB is doing a lot of work from home, but *THAT* is the key: FROM HOME!

Yesterday was Will's last day of vacay before going back to school today, so we all four went to see We Bought a Zoo yesterday afternoon. Wonderful! There are three or four unnecessary bad words for kids, but it's still a fantastic film! I bawled my head off with shaking sobs at the end... ♥ [I love the catharsis of crying at movies!]

Annelise told Daddy for her last day of vacay today, she *reallyreallyreally* wanted us to take him to tea for lunch, (at her ultra fave spot, Veronica Luttrell's Tea House.) There aren't words for how much this meant to her or how special she felt:
Daddy picked the best tea of the day, Monk's Blend - black tea naturally flavored with vanilla and grenadine. (With cream & sugar, it was SO CLOSE to a bubble tea flavor!!! ) I stuck with my Caramel Rooibos - so healthy & caffeine-free, so Sis could share as much as she wanted. We were royally stuffed after two pots of tea, chicken salad croissants, and cups of creamy soup.

I can't tell you how blessed I feel - to have this time, to have a husband who is *this* good of a father, and to feel so great to start this new year! ♥

Finally, just a funny to end our day:
After reading an AR book on consideration referencing the late Princess of Wales, Will was quizzed: "Who was Princess Diana?"
Will's answer: "The whale queen"


  1. We love Monk's Blend tea! We used to get it from a spice store at Eastern Market in Detroit which no longer exists, so we resorted to buying it on Amazon.

  2. This makes me happy!! And of course makes me love JB. Your kids have been on my mind like crazy. I was thinking about how much I love them and how much I am missing those sweet angels! :).

  3. I knew you would know exactly what this meant to have JB join his little girl for tea! Y'all have all been on my mind nonstop, too!!! I miss y'all so much I can hardly stand it. I'm SO HAPPY we've moved, but I do miss you being 3 hours away last year. Time for y'all to move to ATL & us to have our girl trip!!!

  4. So precious!!!! Good Daddies are a blessing from Heaven!


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