20% Off "What's in the Bible?" & Why It Rocks

*I was not asked to write this review. I truly just believe in & love this series so much!*

I want to recommend the What's in the Bible? DVD series by the creator of VeggieTales.

We have the first six volumes, so far, as well as Why Do We Call It Christmas? Not only do the kids LOVELOVELOVE them, but *I* have learned a lot from them, too!!! They are amazing - they have truly made the first 14 (so far) books of the Old Testament *engaging & accessible*! I mean, seriously: how do you make the violent, depressing, complicated, awful situations of the Old Testament both relevant & appropriate for kids?! If you're looking for a unique Christmas or birthday gift, or to invest in some quality entertainment for your kids (these are our STANDARD DVDs when we travel!) I really cannot tout this series enough. It's aimed at K-5th graders, but is easily for the whole family. My children obviously get more & more out of them every year...and the thing that gets me is that I truly do, too. There are so many jokes in there for us adults! It's probably the least mind-numbing kids' programming I've ever been "subjected" to. (I really dislike children's shows, cartoons, & movies. Just being honest.)

For the record - my children just walked over here as I was typing this...and FREAKED OUT! "IS THERE A NEW ONE?!?!?!?!" Will gasped!!! :-D He hit the floor when I said they have three new ones. Better ask Santa! ;-)

I just got a "Friend Link" to share with everyone. If you buy through it, you get 20% off and free shipping over $15: http://whatsinthebible.extole.com/a/clk/2DCf2h Share the savings with as many friends as you'd like and enjoy the quality you can feel really good (& smarter, yourself! ;-)) about. :-)