Happy Halloween 2012

We had a great first Halloween in Texas! It was GORGEOUS: 80°F, clear, & festive. [Praising God we're not enduring any more freezing northern Halloweens with scarves & turtlenecks under costumes!] This giant neighborhood is built like a huge, twisty maze to pack in as many homes as possible, but still with lots of trees and greenways = a trick-or-treating dream!!! :-D We had dinner (mummy hot dogs & chili) with our new friends and then went trick-or-treating with them:
Annelise was a butterfly princess, (b/c just being a princess is every day. ;-)) Will was his ultimate fave NASCAR driver, Kyle Busch. He wanted to be Kyle last year, too, but the costumes were sold out online by the time he requested, so I talked him into being a red M&M; this year, he asked early to ensure he could emulate his racing idol. I have to say, even though it hurt to spend more than the $4 I spent on his costume last year, that NASCAR firesuit is actually nice quality! Expect Kyle Busch to be trick-or-treating with us for the next two or three years... ;-)
NASCAR Will & buddy shark Liam just starting out on their hour-long candy marathon. They left the littles in the dust!

NASCAR Will, shark Liam, butterfly princess Annelise, & Tinkerbell Priye (in Annelise's class at school)

End of trick-or-treating, back at our house. Yes, we now own a 12' inflatable ghost... ;-)