Santa's Lap & Christmas Tree 2012

Santa's lap has been officially sat on by the Blake kids! :-D

They also got to play trains and send letters to Santa, as well. (No, they didn't question why they should write him when they had just sat on his lap. :-P Maybe just for extra insurance? ;-))

Here's this year's tree:
(Ooops - I snapped this before I put on our new tree skirt & gold star on top to replace those lost in our last move.)

New blown glass ornaments so far this year: gymnastics girl for Annelise, sushi roll for Will, chai latte for Susie, peanut from when we visited Plains when we still lived in Georgia, Christmas mouse just b/c, and "Coach Blake" whistle for JB:

I've talked before about how important it is for our Christmas tree to be like a scrapbook for our family. :-) What does your tree look like?


  1. We will be decorating our tree tomorrow. We also have many ornaments with special memories attached to them. Our daughters love pulling them out every year!

  2. Our tree has Redskins ornaments for me, Cowboys (booooo!) ornaments for the hubby, Carolina Panthers ornaments (because it's the only team we can agree on!), and many different characters (Dora, Princesses, etc) for our munchkin! :)

  3. The tree is so pretty and I do love blown glass ornaments!!!

    Yes, I am so behind (again) on keeping up with all my special blog friends!!! We are all good...hope everything with our TX friends is as well!

  4. Glass ornaments, ones that look like snowflakes, animals (polar bears, penguins, mice, reindeer, etc), musical instruments, angels, Santas, gingerbread cookies. And you know what I noticed as a "trend" when decorating last night? Glitter! We have zero glitter anywhere in the house, but somehow I keep buying glitter-doused ornaments...we must have at least a dozen of those! I like writing the year on ornaments when possible, and it makes me think of where I/we were at that time every year when we decorate the tree.

    BTW, speaking of glass ornaments, look at what I saw in Health magazine today...I thought you'd enjoy it! :)


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