Bullet Points of Thankfulness

My attempt at concise bullet points of THANKFULNESS for this week... (Have grace, b/c we all know I've never said "long story short" in my life!)

* Thankful my Mon Zumba class grew 50% in one week!!!
* Thankful I tried TWO brand new-to-me yoga classes - Yin/Restorative & Hot Vinyasa - on Tues and found them both relaxing!
* Thankful for the steam room at the gym. (I could probably live in there...)
* Thankful we could afford to book the first half of our holiday travel right now.
* Thankful that we'll get to meet our 2nd niece at Blake Christmas this year and I'll get see my beloved BFF Tina for the 1st time in 2 years for that Sunday brunch.
* Thankful for NO CHEER Mon & Wed nights this last week = no rushed homework or dinner!
* Thankful we live so close to the kids' school and that I got to check in on their progress at Open House Tues night.
* Thankful I got all the laundry done AND separated ;-) Wed.
* Thankful I got to have lunch (at Phở Saigon) with JB on Wed.
* Thankful I could Gelish my nails. (Iron Princess - a metallic gunmetal)
* Thankful I got to volunteer for Will's 3rd Grade EureKa science program on Wed.
* Thankful for Will's extra spelling help.
* Thankful I had more offers for fun stuff with friends than I could even accept on Tues!
* Thankful for my "warmie" (Presto Parabolic Heat Dish) that radiates warmth at me when I am freezing in a cold snap but we can't bear to actually turn on the house heat.
* Thankful for Bonnie Blue beagle actually snuggling on *MY* lap instead of beside JB when the all-powerful warmie is on.
* Thankful for how delicious & easy Trader Joe's Mushroom Fettuccini is and for how much Will & JB also love it.
* Thankful the youth football TurfBowl was at 10:30 AM this Sun morning...instead of during my Redskins game! ;-)
* Thankful my REDSKINS WON!!!
* Thankful the TurfBowl was warm & actually fun! Our dance was great, all the kids got nice shirts, and Annelise's trophy (since our Texans made the semis) is HUUUGE!
* Thankful I have been asked to sing at a special Christmas event at church, in addition to singing Nov. 25th.
* Thankful for how quickly God gave me such a quality quantity of SAHM girlfriends here!!!!!!!!!!
* Thankful that even though the mornings this last week were too cold for us (& esp. Annelise) to walk, it still warmed enough to enjoy walking to school to pick up the kids at 3:30 PM.
* Thankful for bright sunshine (esp. after a couple cloudy days that reminded me how depressing grey cold is!)
* Thankful that my kids have made quality friends here quickly.
* Thankful that I actually run into friends & people I know here when I'm out & about.
* Thankful for bubble tea, for so many awesome bubble tea places here...and the friends I am also turning into sad bubble tea addicts along with me. :-P
* Thankful for the best pulled pork sandwich I've had in Houston (at Haven) that even had a mound of chopped fried green tomatoes as the side.
* Thankful for deals & sales... and esp. ones with friends during festive events on things you've been lusting after for months.
* Thankful for finding so many things in common with new friends.
* Thankful for JB's current job and the ability to actually finally consider emotionally planting roots.
* Thankful I could go to the kids' (& host Annelise's) Thankful Parties at school Fri.
* Thankful for the way my kids react when they see me at their school - about to explode with love & genuine joy! Even Will still grabs my hands or arm & holds on tight. ♥


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