Texas Zumba: It's On!

So many of y'all have asked for an update on my Zumba journey...and quite honestly, until two weeks ago, I was slightly discouraged and didn't feel like I had much to share. After the looong initial hiring period, I still had to to go through Heart Rate Training and get recertified in CPR/AED; both of those weren't completed until the day after I got home from NC, on Oct. 18th, and only then could I be considered for anything "active" (even just subbing). Even though those two months of limbo b/t being officially hired and finally deemed "fully qualified" weren't ideal for me...they really worked out. Had I been teaching already, it would have been so much harder to stay in NC with my mom after Grandmommy's funeral to help out, and truly, cheer has also been a monumental time succubus this season. (If we cheer next year, I'm head cheer coaching whatever team JB head football coaches...and it will be very, very different.) God knew what He was doing - this is the least stressful time for me to really start this, after those things and the transition into this new school year & new school system.

Soooooo, YES! I'm starting NOW!!! Within days of finishing the prerequisites, I was offered a regular class teaching Monday mornings at 10:30 AM at *the* premiere facility of the whole national gym chain. There's one other location right close to our house; yes, I do hope to get a regular class there, but the premiere place is barely 20 minutes away, and it's in a high-end shopping area I go to about once a week, anyways. [Costco is right there...along with American Girl. :-P (No! I don't shop AG weekly! :-D Just offering perspective. ;-))] The premiere location is swanky beyond words... I had a tour last week, and honestly, it's so luxurious, I can't even believe I am employed there...

This is the locker room:

And this is *my* Zumba studio:


Did I mention every location has a spa/salon and organic cafe?

And the kids can't wait to go swim & use the rock wall:
[It's 3 stories high! My studio is on the 3rd floor.]

So I start there THIS MONDAY, the 5th. Say a prayer for me to rock this regular gig!!!

I'm so blessed, though, b/c I got a GREAT preview yesterday: I was asked to sub at the location close to our house for the Fri. 11 AM class = awesome. [PS - that location looks almost the same, except it's only 2 stories & has a huge outdoor pool complex, too. :-)]

I was worried that I might be a little rusty - it's been almost five months! Plus, I've gone to two other Zumba classes there, and my style is VERY different! Which I know is *why* they hired me, but still: I'm so dance-y, not fitness/aerobic-y like the other two; I wasn't sure if my style would go over as well, just b/c it's new...but they seemed to love it! I had - get this! - FORTY FIVE PARTICIPANTS!!! I've *never* had a class over 30 before!!! I was so excited that my new BFF, Donna, and another friend both came to take my class & support me, as well. :-) Donna snapped a few pics after class, so I give you me in all my red-faced dorkdom:


  1. Wow, I've never seen a gym like that before! It looks more like a spa than a place to work out! So excited for your new opportunity, and it sounds like you're able to teach how *you* want to do it, which is great...I would have thought they might have prescribed it because it's a "chain".

  2. It *IS* more like a spa! And you're right: they have a strict prescribed style for all of their signature classes; but Zumba is the one "not just exclusive to their brand" class they offer, so it's the only one with a little freedom. :-)


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