Thankful Friday: Happy Birthday, JB!

Friday was an early dismissal day for the kids from school. What did we do special? We went to the grocery store. :-P Yes, H-E-B is a treat! :-D The kids LOOOVE getting free Buddy Bucks & playing the Spin & Win game:
We also just had a new frozen yogurt place, FruuLaLa, open inside our H-E-B, and I had a Groupon, so Buddy Bucks + fro yo = happy. :-) (I got some, too: sea salt caramel + pistachio = DIVINE!)

Another reason I am thankful for Texas: the leaves are just beginning to turn...AND many of the crepe myrtle are *still* blooming at the same time. :-) Perfection. PS - I was wearing a sundress. It's my heaven on earth!

Friday evening, we took the kids to open gym where Annelise takes gymnastics. Let me say how awesome it is that my kids are old enough for this! Not worrying about finding, picking up, feeding, paying for, & dropping off a trustworthy babysitter is a HUGE LOAD OFF for me!!!!! Both kids were completely entertained with gym stuff, games, other kids, a movie, etc. from 7-11 PM for $30 total - the bare minimum we'd be able to find a sitter for. It *was* waaaay past their normal bedtime (which is b/t 7:30 & 8 on non-football/baseball nights) but they're OK with that occasionally. It doesn't ruin them the next day or anything ridiculous like that. :-P

With the kids at open gym, we went out to our first adult dinner in FOREVER for JB's BIRTHDAY!!! We went to Bistro Alex (a Brennan's restaurant, a la Commander's Palace) with my friend Donna & her husband. Our server was...well, let's just say she provided a lot of laughs for us in return for her lack of restaurant knowledge. :-P Donna & I sipped St. Germain (thank you, Jackie! :-)); JB had seared yellow fin tuna with glazed bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, and stir fried Louisiana popcorn rice; I had a grilled, honey-brined Black Hill Ranch pork chop with cracked pepper biscuit bread pudding, citrus braised greens, & house-made worcestershire demi glace.

And b/c it's right next door, Donna & I made the guys take us to Sweet for bubble tea & macaroons before we went to retrieve our children. ;-)

Happiest birthday to my fantastic husband! Thank you for giving me the most wonderful life & making my dreams come true. ♥