Zoom Zoom Zumba

This week started at a zooming pace:

I burned 922(!!!) calories teaching my Monday morning Zumba class! :-O

I *finally* remembered to START the stupid calorie counter on my heart rate monitor right before class. :-P (I always wear it, but I never remember to start the calorie count function until halfway through = too late. :-D)
And YES: I followed class with a trip straight down to the café! If you burn calories and don't refuel within 45 minutes, your body thinks you might starve and holds onto the fat even tighter. Not eating after working out makes you fatter! Eat eat eat!!!

For the record, (since I remembered :-P) I also tracked my calories burned in the hour *after* Zumba, when I was just standing around the café chatting and then driving in the car: 453. I think people often forget that they KEEP burning calories at a higher rate after the initial exercise = bonus points!

After teaching, I flew back to school for Annelise's field day:

It was an hour and a half of following her around through her events - precious, and with gorgeous 75°F weather ...but yeah, I was tired. :-P She got out of school early, (Will had to stay; JB went to his Field Day which was in the morning during my Zumba class), so we went home, and then did the mile+ round-trip walk back to pick him up an hour later. Needless to say, I wasn't very active the rest of yesterday. :-D I stretched everything out at yoga this morning, though, followed by my fave: sitting in the steam room. If I ever disappear off the grid, send someone to check & see if I've passed out in the gym steam room... ;-)

So many awesome Zumba things on the horizon: I'm team-teaching a huge bonus class Thanksgiving morning at 9:30 AM to rev up our metabolisms before feasting. I'm also teaching another huge event on the morning of Dec. 8th. (They actually want me at two locations, but I have to choose, b/c they overlap!) SO VERY THANKFUL!!!