My Celebrity Doppelgänger - Julia Stiles

My friend, Andie, is hosting a "My Celebrity Doppelgänger" link-up:

So, who's mine? Julia Stiles: another blonde whose eyes get squinty when she smiles. :-P

I get this ALL THE TIME. When Save the Last Dance came out, people would stop me in restaurants and do double-takes. When the Bourne movies came out, my brother asked if I had snuck off to do them w/o telling anyone.

The thing is, most people react, "Really? I'm not sure I see it?" when people say they look like someone else. Not me. I *KNOW* Julia & I really could be twins. And I'm good with that. :-P


  1. She is beautiful! I wouldn't mind either!

  2. I haven't been told that I look like anyone recently, but when I was a child, people told me that I looked like Mikey from the Life cereal commercials. Not such a good thing.

  3. Nikki!!! That is hysterical! :-P I'm sure all those people do double-takes at your swan-self in adulthood!!! ♥


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