Starting November Thankfuls

It's that purposely, publicly thankful time of year, again. No, we're not doing another Gratitude Tree - not that it wasn't amazing, b/c it was so wonderful that we did it all the way into December last year! But I just feel the need to do something else... Maybe writing thankfuls on the chalkboard...

I have been brimming over with thankfulness this week, though. Last Sunday, I finally got to sing onstage at church, again; I'm so thrilled to be on a new Praise Team. Even when my ear buds went out for the 1st two songs in the 1st service, I trusted God would give me the notes when I couldn't hear ...and felt fabulous! There's nothing that fills my heart & soul like harmonizing in praise like that...

I was thankful earlier last week to try [& actually be decent at!] a yoga class with my BFF here, Donna - thankful to have a friend to yoga with...and to go to lunch with afterwards! :-) We tried the best local Vietnamese place, Phở Saigon - amazing & fresh! I am so thankful that there are so many fantastic restaurants around here [and that Donna likes to try adventurous places (w/o our picky kids :-P) with me!]

On Thursday, November 1st, I was so thankful that I found a delish new bubble tea spot (best taro & milk tea I've had in TX!) that's right close to my next thankful: I learned how to clock in & out at the prestigious new gym where I start teaching Zumba on Monday!!! The location (on the edge of the city in a really ritzy, super high-end area) is dazzling; I can't believe I'm actually employed there. (More on this Zumba start here!) I was also thankful that after bubble tea & my gym tour, I had the loveliest time at Costco (just a mile away) roaming the aisles, texting stream-of-consciousness pics to sweet friends, & having yummy samples. This life is WONDERFUL = so thankful for these simple pleasures, friends to share them with, & +80°F to enjoy them under. :-D

On Friday, November 2nd, I was thankful that I got to teach my FIRST ZUMBA CLASS IN TX! (I subbed at the gym location closer to our house.) You can read all about it here. I was so thankful for the large turnout (45 participants!), for two of my personal friends coming, and for me not being too rusty. ;-) I also was thankful that Donna wanted to celebrate with empanadas & horchata afterwards.

Just as empowering as getting back into actively teaching Zumba, I'm thankful that on Friday...
I voted early! I tried to go before Zumba (thought 10:15 AM would be quieter b/t morning rush & lunch crowds) but the line was too long for me to chance being late. I wasn't the least bit discouraged: I love seeing people not take for granted a right that people die for!!!!!! When I went back at 2:30 PM, the line was *LITERALLY* 15 times longer!!!!!!!!!!!! But it still was less than 45 minutes = so thankful for the right to vote and the relative ease of exercising said right!

On Saturday, November 3rd, I was thankful that I woke up after more sleep than I have gotten in ages (thank you, Zumba-teaching-high-come-down!) even though we had to get up earlier for football than we do on school days. Thankful that we had a decadent brunch (kids = belgian waffle topped with ice cream!!! & I left with bubble tea!) and that we *finally* made it to a high school football game here! To top off our exciting day, we went to see Wreck-It Ralph; JB & the kids have been waiting for this since Brave = so thankful we had the time & opportunity to do so many happy family things!

On Sunday, November 4th, I was thankful for that extra "fall back" hour of sleep. Thankful that I was there when Annelise lost her first big front tooth, and for getting to make smore's after JB grilled steaks. Also thankful JB got the oil changed in our van, and for a great league-wide cheer practice for the TurfBowl that was finally *my* style: appropriate warm-ups, took less than an hour to learn a whole new dance, age-appropriate, no messing around/wasted time, no over-their-heads speeches & esp. ones declaring how much the one in charge knows, and just a ton of pure focus so we could actually get out of there 5 minutes EARLY! :-) [*next year, next year, next year* ;-)]