Children's Museum of Houston

Will's 3rd grade field trip back in October was to the Children's Museum of Houston, and he has raved about it ever since! Now with all our moves, we have certainly experienced more than our fair share of children's museums (I think DuPage saved our lives in Chicago winter! :-P) so I really was curious to see how "awesome" it was. We had a Groupon, used it this Saturday, ...and I honestly think it's the best one we've ever been to!

Annelise is our climber! Here she is on the way to the top:

Will went up a little ways:

He was more into using the climbing wall horizontally:

Will working to check Sis out at the Kidtropolis H-E-B faux grocery:

The whole Kidtropolis design is truly impressive! We've been to children's museums with fake town set-ups before; but this incorporates more in-depth role-playing for older children, as well. There's a city hall, where they can read about & vote on Kidtropolis issues. They work jobs (bagger at the store, teller at the bank, waiter at the diner, TV anchor at the news station, vet at the animal clinic, etc.), earn a paycheck, take it to the bank, get paid, put that amount on their museum card which doubles as their ATM/debit card, and then they can "shop" at the grocery, eat at the diner, etc. It's fantastic!

Annelise found her passion in Kidtropolis at the Vet Clinic:

Will manned the Vet Clinic check-out:

Water play at FlowWorks:

Will about to tip the giant water bowl:

Feeling the Charleston love in the Gullah cultural exhibit:

Sweetgrass baskets!

Annelise donned lab glasses & coat to learn about molecules...after painting her face :-P

Back in the Vet Clinic for the 3rd time! We couldn't keep her from "going back to work"!!!!
[I will certainly be saving this pic for when
she graduates from veterinary school! ;-)]


  1. What a neat place!! Makes me wish I was a kid again! ;)


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