My Cute Kids & Matching AG Doll/Girl Outfits

William, King of the Neighborhood:
[How many of my hometown friends notice the street sign?! :-D Sundrop is a signature beverage of my hometown, and it always cracks me up to walk by this sign!]

Annelise earned a class "toy pass" so she was allowed to bring one each day this week. Of course, she *had* to take her American Girl, Caroline, and they *had* to match every day!
Now before y'all think we've ridiculously spent thousands of dollars :-P, most of her matching outfits come from "Dollie & Me" on Zulily: very well made matching outfits for girl & doll = ~$17 TOTAL for both. Waaaaay cheaper than AG brand!!!! And waaaaay cuter!!!!! [We love the AG historical stuff, but their normal, everyday girl clothes are kind of blah.] Annelise has at least 10 matching "Dollie & Me"s from Zulily - they're just her standard wardrobe. She got 5 new ones for Christmas = less than $100. We'd probably pay $20 for a complete new outfit, anyway, even w/o the matching doll set, you know? They are truly well made, they have great embellishment details, and Annelise feels like a rockstar in them. These are all "Dollie & Me" except for the top right pink - that's Caroline's real historical dress & then just a pink sweater dress Annelise already had that was kind of close. :-)

And y'all don't worry about Flamingo. She's at home babysitting the other babies, b/c she's the oldest, and she got to go to school before Caroline arrived at Christmas. ;-) Annelise is doing a remarkable job balancing them both - gives me great hope for her future parenting skills! :-D