Cupcake Craziness & Macaron Madness

We scored FREE cupcakes & cake pops this morning at the grand opening of The Sweet Boutique location close to our house!!! Yummm... Texas gets better & better EVERY DAY!

They offered 2 free cupcakes or 4 free cake pops to the first 50 people in the store! My BFF Donna & her daughter were #14 & 15; we were #16-19. :-) The kids got 8 pops; I got a salted caramel & a champagne cupcake. JB got salted caramel & chocolate ganache. This place has the BEST French macarons, though, that I've had outside of France. (I tasted them at their Sugar Land store.) I'm really excited to have such easy access to those now, but I just stuck w/ cupcakes today, b/c they were free & I wanted to enjoy them fresh!

The cake parts were great, and the salted caramel drizzle was heavenly...but you know what? I may be over cupcakes.

Yeah, I said it.

(And I've been thinking it for a while...)

I would rather have macarons above all!!! (Second choice: chewy, gooey salted caramel brownie.)

I'm so glad I got to try these cupcakes for free today; they are absolutely gorgeous, and now my curiosity is satisfied. :-) They are delish, as cupcakes go, but as my preferences have changed over the last year (like me easily giving up my formerly-beloved coke) I no longer deeply enjoy cake and icing. I just don't. Particularly buttercream icing. Now I could eat TONS of fondant (I know lots of people don't like to actually eat it, but for me, it's my fave part of those cakes!) but that's it. Buttercream is going the way of cheesecake for me: so pretty, and I love the idea of it...but my tummy actually rejects it now. I don't think I would even want a standard buttercream birthday cake. I would rather have a birthday stack of macarons...accented with fondant decorations! ;-) Mmmmm...

So excited access to The Sweet Boutique is closer now, so thankful we were blessed with free sweet treats & sweet friends to share the joy with, and anxious with excitement over the prospect of trying chai, rose, peach, caramel, blueberry, pistachio, lavender, orange blossom, nutella, & chocolate strawberry macarons!

What are your favorite bakery treats? [It's OK, if you still love cupcakes best! :-D I'm still intrigued by beautiful ones with unique flavor profiles.] What are your favorite flavors?


  1. I will never tire of cupcakes, but I do love jealous that you found legit ones near where you live! I love desserts in general, it's easier for me to itemize ones I don't like. :)

  2. Well, that's totally true! It's MUCH easier to list sweets I *don't* like :-P What are yours? I don't like American coconut macaroons or ANY variant of shortbread cookies. Any cookie that's hard = no way. I don't like pecans or walnuts in anything, and I would never choose anything cream cheesy. :-D

  3. Would love to eat at this place! I've been into salted caramel everything.... On our little trip to Myrtle Beach a couple of weekends ago, my husband found out that Red Robin had a Salted Caramel milkshake, so we tried it out. Yum!!!

  4. I hate coconut and caramel. I like raw pecans, but I don't like them in desserts (pecan pie, banana nut bread, etc). And I agree...NO HARD COOKIES! Cookies are supposed to be chewy, not break-your-teeth crunchy! I love chocolate, but I can't stomach anything more than 60-70% dark, otherwise it gives me migraine headaches. Those are my major show-stoppers, anything else is fair game I think. :)

  5. I like coconut flavor, but not the texture EVER.

    I am crazy obsessed with everything salted caramel, too, Tracey!!! Salty/sweet = heavenly!


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