Surprise Root Canals, Bloody Faces, & Princess Makeovers

I went into the dentist Wednesday morning to begin the slate of dental work I needed. The first of three appointments, all things I expected. I sat in the dentist chair, trying not to shake (all anesthesia, even just novocaine shots, make me shaky; you should see me shiver with an epidural!), mourning the loss of a large portion of our vacay fund which now belongs to said dentist... The 90's station made me smile - Matchbox20 "3 AM", Sugar Ray "Fly", Red Hot Chili Peppers "Scar Tissue", & BSB "Quit Playing Game with My Heart" - until...SURPRISE! I also won part one of a ROOT CANAL! It was legit - he showed me in WAY MORE detail than my queasy stomach cared to see how my old cracked filling had become infected, but I just wanted to bawl over the cost going up almost 3x more!!! :'( On the bright side, at least I didn't have to waste the entire night(week!) before dreading it! :-P

Fast forward to that evening:

Nothing makes you forget your own pain for a bit like seeing your child's face dripping with blood. :'( Annelise was trying to set up a "trophy show" in her room...until one trophy fell out of her hands & took a chunk out of her face! JB assured us no stitches needed *shudder* ...and only after she was in bed soundly asleep did my jaw throb. (NOT that I was asking for any more mother's adrenaline to make me forget, again!!! :-P) Her cut looked WAAAY better after school Thursday afternoon: solidly closed (no more "gaping" hole *shudder*) & it never bled, again, after I held initial pressure on it for so long. WHEW!!! Her teacher did say she was embarrassed about her bandaid over her entire upper lip in the morning, but she got over it pretty fast.

Friday was an early dismissal day at school, so while Will & Daddy did guy stuff (bowling, arcade games), Annelise & I went with our friends to get the girls special hairdos at Sweet & Sassy. (I had Groupons, and we treated for Annelise's friend's birthday.) The glittery glam speaks for itself:

Fashion show:


  1. Glad Annelise is better and hope you're all recovered from your dental work!

  2. Thank you!!! Feeling ok from part one...of FOUR. :-/ Part two is next Tuesday, the 5th...

  3. So glad you and Annelise both are doing better!

    Thank you for mentioning Sugar Ray...I just added that song and a couple others of his to my iTunes wish list! :)


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