Give You the World

A friend of mine recently asked if anyone had tips for teaching geography to their kids.

Hello. My name is Susie, and I am the Queen Bee of Geography! :-D

How did I attain this lofty status? ;-) Well, it's always just been an integral part of my life - when watching the news or National Geographic with my family growing up, we always talked about "those places". We also always had a world map shower curtain in our bathroom!
When you...well...sit in there at least a few times a day, the info in front your face really sinks in. :-P And yes, we have a world map shower curtain in our kids' bathroom, too! :-D


  1. I have three large maps hanging in my cubicle (world, Europe, and Detroit area). I think it's so much more interesting staring at maps than bland yucky cubicle walls, and it's amazing how much of a conversation starter it is when people walk by! :)


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