Rugby World Series

JB called me from work Friday: "Hey, do you want to go see some rubgy tomorrow?"

Sure! I love sports, esp. live events, esp. when we get to explore more of our new big city, and esp. when it's free!!! ;-) JB's company has a private suite at Houston's soccer stadium, so when he was offered the tickets for Saturday's International Rugby World Series Finals, we pounced. :-) I mean, who doesn't want to feel like a VIP in a private box?! :-D And PS - rugby rocks! Waaay more fun than soccer!!!

This is awesome:

Team USA's Eagle mascot came into our suite:
(Our friends, the Pixtons, came, too!)

I had sunscreen on my face, but I still tried to get a tiny bit toasty soaking up the vitamin D in b/t matches:


  1. So fun! My kids would have loved that and I am so jealous of your shorts and sun soaking!!! SO, now does your little man want to play rugby?

  2. Ha! No - he is 100% allllll football. He has even given up baseball for it. He wants to play spring 7-on-7 one-hand-touch football (so more like a passing league w/ just QB & WRs; no tackle again until fall) instead. I was VERY surprised...but I'm good with it!


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