Super Bowl Sunday

So y'all know what a football fanatic I am; but I have to say, we've had a long string of pretty blah Super Bowl celebrations. We haven't watched with friends in years; and before last year, we had three in a row where were we all sick up north. Ick. 2013? Redemption! :-D (Of course! Everything's better, so far, in Texas! ;-)) We went to one of our football families' homes - the adults feasted, laughed, and actually watched the game, (YAY!)

And the kids swam. Yes - swam!
Annelise was in the pool for over 3 HOURS! She forgot her suit, so she swam in her Skins jersey - that's the football spirit!!!


  1. Wow - looks like there was lots of good food!! Glad y'all had a great time!


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