Anesthesia-Induced Shopping

God hears & answers prayer! I had my root canal this morning, and I have to say, it wasn't even as bad as most fillings I've had!!! (And no, I'm not still numb & just don't know how bad it actually hurts. :-P) I'm sure tomorrow morning after all night w/o ibuprofen will be a sorer story, but for today? PRAISE! The root canal was on my front tooth! (No clue how it got damaged in the first place - I haven't had any major trauma to it that I can remember, but it was totally dead. The endodontist asked if I had been in a bar fight. ;-)) I was freaking out b/c that's such a major, prominent part of my smile; but I actually think it being up front made it way easier than digging around in the back would have been. Follow up February 16th!

So, I think the mania of the anesthetic nudged me to shop online for Annelise this afternoon. I *never, ever* buy the kids clothes online, (not b/c there's anything wrong with it, but just b/c I'm so cheap! I usually walk around holding stuff in stores for an hour, just to set it all back at the last minute. :-P) But I got an email about two great sales from one of my absolute favorite children's clothiers (they also have GREAT brother/sister coordinating outfits!) and just couldn't pass them up. A Polo Ralph Lauren dress for over 60% off and a cute rash guard bathing suit on sale, too. [Polo-style dresses are my #1 favorite look for her, & she's had the same old swimwear the last 2 years. (But hey - it fit!)] I think the left-over anesthesia making my heart race spurred me on to checkout before I had time to vacillate. :-P

But I totally don't have buyer's remorse, b/c I'd been looking for a Polo super sale for months; and this is a fall/winter Polo dress, so she can wear it now for a few months even before next fall! Also, when I googled around before buying to see if the swimwear was really a good deal, I was so surprised to see how expensive rash guard sets are! But that's what we like, so this was a perfect deal. I am all about the rash guard tops for extra sun protection; plus - although I think they are SOOO CUTE - we don't like the idea of our little girl in a bikini, so I always go for the rash guard sets. This one has green (Annelise's favorite color) and even some sparkles! ;-) I'm a little bummed that she won't get to wear the bathing suit for so long, still, but all the cute ones are always sold out by March, anyway, so I'm glad I got it.


  1. yay for sales! i'm going to have to google rash guard sets now because i have no clue what you're talking about (see, my non-mom status is very apparent at this point in time!).

  2. Heehee! They're the bathing suits that are a full shirt on top, instead of something strappy or with a scoop front or back. More UV protection! They're techincally called rash guards, b/c they protect your skin when surfing (or kids: rafting :-P) from rubbing against whatever. Here's the one I got Sis. The sleeves are shorter than normal, but that's OK:


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